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Tripsleep Host Term of Trade

Trade Terms for Rental Overnight Accommodation through

Trade Terms of is an organization that handles the marketing in connection with overnight accommodation.

Registration and Marketing Period

Registration at the marketing programme of or its agents may take place through email, telephone, or a registration form. The agreement may last either one year or several years and will have to be renewed by the end of each period. The agreement can be terminated by the end of a month. Paid annual fee, if any, will not be reimbursed. If an overnight accommodation/host should wish to terminate his/her agreement, he/she will still be obliged to undertake the bookings confirmed, with the same rights and obligations as if the overnight accommodation/host were still registered. Costs, if any, in connection with this shall be paid solely by the overnight accommodation.

Registration at the marketing programme of or its agents will be considered as an acceptance of the trade terms of and/or its agents.

Information of the Overnight Accommodation

Marketing and information concerning facilities for the overnight accommodation shall, at any time, comply with the actual situation. At any time, the overnight accommodation shall comply with the legislation in force at the time in question together with the rules and guidelines from or its agents, in connection with their participation in the marketing or its agents shall reserve their right to change or to delete incorrect information without any warning.


Basically, bookings are made directly from the guest to the overnight accommodation. Each overnight accommodation shall have its own telephone number. A telephone number to a chain of overnight accommodations or to the central booking for chains of associations or organizations of overnight accommodation cannot be used. A rental agency has only one address. A telephone number with automatic switching through to a central booking may neither by used unless all the overnight accommodations of the chain are members of as paying overnight accommodations.

Payment to

The overnight accommodation shall pay a fee per call/contact from guests. These contacts are called credit. The overnight accommodation may purchase a certain number of credits from ten up to an unlimited number of credit. Credits shall be valid for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase. Unspent credits will not be reimbursed after the expiry of the twelve months’ period. Where the overnight accommodation repurchases new credits, then a new twelve months’ period will commence. In connection with purchase of new credits, the period will be renewed by another twelve months’ period from the expiry date. All credits are to be paid for in advance. The period shall be considered as started when has received the payment on its account or another kind of guarantee for payment accepted by pays its usual fees to the bank. Where these fees are beyond the ususal ones, these are to be paid for by the overnight accommodation. This amount shall also be paid for in advance.

Credit card fees shall always be added to payment through credit card.

The responsibility for payment shall rest with the overnight accommodation.

Where a period for which the overnight accommodation has not paid or where the quest cannot make any contact and the guest takes direct contact to, bookings may take place through's booking office. In connection with these bookings, the overnight accommodation shall pay a commission of the entire overnight price to of 15% plus Danish VAT and any other duties/taxes which will have to pay or charge.

Prices charged on

The price for a credit appears from’s website. The price shall be valid at the time of the purchase through the website. The price shall be valid in case the amount has been received on our account within a period of ten days after registration for a new period.

Period of Validity

When has received payment, the credit shall be valid for a period of twelve months from the date of payment on our account.


Where categories are available within a certain type of overnight accommodation, these may be used by and is displayed on the website in case should wish so. Costs, if any, shall be on the expense of the overnight accommodation. The overnight accommodation shall be responsible for the correctness/accuracy hereof. The overnight accommodation shall be obliged to inform or its agents about any changes which may have an influence on the categorization, or which in any other way may have en effect on the overnight accommodation. In case an overnight accommodation/a host has given incorrect information, then the overnight accommodation may lose its right to a continuous cooperation with or its agents without the overnight accommodation/host having any possiblity of making any claims, netiher judicially nor financially, towards or its agents. Trademark

Everybody, who participates in the marketing programmes from or its agents, may without any additional costs use the information material from or its agents in their own marketing. In case the cooperation with or its agents should cease, the right to use information from and references to or its agents shall lapse. References in one’s own marketing material shall be removed immediately without any costs for or its agents. Our material and website shall be protected by section 1 of the Danish Act on Copyright. Copenhagen shall be the venue for and its agents.

Breach of Contract

In case the overnight accommodation should commit a breach of contract towards any of its obligations, or its agents may eliminate the overnight accommodation from any marketing actions without any further warning. Costs, if any, in connection with the breach of contract shall be covered by the overnight accommodation and not by or its agents.


In case or its agents should be presented to any complaints from a guest of any overnight accommodation, the complaint will be resent to the overnight accommodation in question. The overnight accommodation shall be obliged to give an answer in writing to or its agents within a period of seven days from the forwarding date of the complaint.The answer of the overnight accommodation to the complaint will be communicated through or its agents to the complainant. or its agents shall reserve their right to mediate between the parties. No overnight accommodation, nor any hosts and nor any guests can raise any claims against or its agents, concerning any guest’s stay with any overnight accommodation.


To the largest possible extent, shall be obliged to have information of the overnight accommodation on its cannot in any way be responsible for non-uptime for the website, irrespective of the cause. With immediate effect, any host at or its agents may be excluded, in case they should participate in any projects which may be detrimental to or its agents. The website may be changed on a current basis without this having any influence on the registration. When guests have made their first call, they may make contact the overnight accommodation without any restrictions and without any extra charge or any payment for calls for a period of up to 60 minutes from their first call.

Changes in Duties/Taxes

In case any costs should be imposed on or its agents, on which or its agents have no influence, then the prices and the commission agreements may be changed with immediate effect. This shall also apply to taxes or duties imposed.

Changes of Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions may currently be changed and the overnight accommodation/host will be informed about these changes in advance. The way in which the overnight accommodation/host has been registered shall not be changed for as long as the host’s registration period shall last.

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