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How do I make a reservation?

Making a reservation is as simple as finding a suitable accommodation. You are required to have an account at BBEU but this can be created during the booking process. Creating and having an account at BBEU is free of charge.

It is safe to use my debit/credit card?

To keep risks down we process our payments through DIBS Denmark. DIBS is verified by VISA and MasterCard and is fully PCI-compliant. BBEU does not store any card data and processing happens at the instant of the actual "process" is selected.

What debit/credit cards can I use?

Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Dinners, Discovery and JCB is currently supported for paying the processing/deposit fee.

Each host may have different setups for the rest of the payment, which can be found on the page or booking form for the given host. It is worth noticing, that some hosts do not accept debit/credit cards at all, and may be limited to only local currency.

My debit/credit card was rejected, why?

BBEU (indirectly through DIBS) contact the issuer of a card on each payment. While there may be various reasons why a card was rejected, the most common are suspicion of fraud and insufficient funds. To minimize risk and privacy issues we do not directly display the cause, and must refer you to your card issuer (typically your bank).

Is the price per person or per room?

It can be both. The prices in BBEU is in general per person, but many other aspects affect prices, such as seasons, total price of the booking and the size of the room. It is safe to trust only the price you see on the booking form.

I want a discount, how?

Any discount you are designated for are subtracted from the prices you are shown when making the reservation. Please notice, that these can depend on a varying number of options, such as length of stay, number of people, number of rooms and time of year.

Is there a waiting-list for sold out accommodations?

No, but you can try our 'reservation exchange' service to archive something similar. It allows you to place a reservation, put some restrictions on the results, and let any host in the chosen area of interest reply to you. Read more about 'reservation exchange' here.

Confirming a reservation

What happens when my reservation is made?

If the reservation was at a "instant book" facility, your stay will be marked in the facility calendar and the owner informed of your arrival. If instead, the booking is a "Book", the facility will receive a "booking request" to which it must answer in due time. The answer can either be "accept" or "decline" depending on the availability of the facility. Either way, you will receive an email with the details. You can always find the status of a booking by logging in with the account you used to perform the booking.

How long will it take to reply to my reservation?


Will I receive any confirmation on my reservation?


How do I check the status of my reservation?


I'm in a hurry, what can I do?

While the problem is being actively researched, BBEU can not presently accommodate guests which arrive earlier than 24 hours.

What will the host know about me before confirmation?


What will the host know about me before arrival?


Canceling a reservation

What is the cancellation policy?


How do I cancel my reservation?



Is parking available? Is it free? Long-term?


We bring our children, do they stay free?

Each facility will have its own policy regarding discount on children. It is safe to trust the price on the booking form to include all such discounts.

What are the directions to the host?

Directions will be emailed to you when a booking can be confirmed.

I need a phone number, where is it?

The only way to get the phone number of a facility is to make a booking. In case this is confirmed, all contact information for the facility is emailed to you.

Is breakfast included?

Each facility have its own policy regarding breakfast. There are three possible options:

- breakfast is not available

- breakfast is available for a fee

- breakfast is included in price

Refer to the facility page in order to determine which option it provides.

Is there a minimum age restriction?


What can I expect from a Bed & Breakfast?

Depending on the area and the accommodation itself, Bed & breakfasts range from single-roomed stay at a private house to mid-ranged hotels. Some Bed & Breakfasts can also be rented on a 'entire apartment' level. Typically a good indication of what to expect will be given in the prices. Don't expect the cheapest ones to provide free parking, daily cleaning of the room or free breakfast. For each accommodation, a list of amenities can be found readily online.

The bed & breakfast I stayed at didn't meet my expectation, can I get my money back?

Depending on your expectations and the reason why they didn't get fulfilled, maybe. Under normal circumstances a formal complain must be addressed to the TA customer board. It will evaluate your claims independently from BBEU and the given host. Each complain will cost a 50.00 EUR deposit. The deposit will be returned together with any dispensation the board may have granted you, only if the complain was evaluated as valid.

You can read more information about the TA customer board and how to fill out a claim here.

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